In this article, we include all the school present near you at gurgaon, best schools in gurgaon so that you can find the right school at right time at right place according to your convenience after many years and years many new schools build and now there are a lot of schools present across pan(Presence Across Nation) India and what we do is we collect the schools list and present in front of you for whatever your need is and many of schools are also registering in our website for their presence and for your suitability.

welcome to the My school Reviews where you can find the detailed description about any of your wish. we have more than 200 plus schools listed and this list is increasing and very soon you are able to find finest and best-reviewed school on our platform. best schools in gurgaon have listed more than 60 plus schools.

If you are finding for good then there some similar question pops up in mind of parents like at which places we can send our kid to learn and who is providing good services in our near area. here this list shows some of the

Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon, Best Schools In Gurgaon

1- The Shri Ram School, Aravali

address: DLF City Phase 4 in Gurgaon.
for more inquiries: 0124-4784300
mail to:
visit the website:

Sector 62, Gurgaon 122 011
mail to:
Phone: 0124-2855124

sector 14,Gurgaon, 122001
mail to:

Address: J-Block, South City -1, Bhagwan Mahaveer Marg, Sector 41, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
contact: (0124) 4889100
mail to:

5- Suncity School

Suncity Township, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana 122011
Phone: 0124 4691000
Fax: +91-0124 4691010

Site No. I, Sector-45, Urban Estate, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Phone: 0124 4125800-801
Email ID –

Sector 15, Part-II, Gurugram, Haryana – 122001
Mail to:
Contact: 9818376422(Rec)

8- Amity International

address: Sector 46, Gurgaon
Contact: (0124) 2581001-003, 09810983009
mail to:

address: South City-II, Sector-50, Gurgaon
Contact: +91 9650544997, 0124-4936900
Mail to:

Address: Sector- 4, Urban Estate, Huda Market, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Contact: (0124) 4698888
Mail to:

Why We Are Best

like every student has a specialty of skills which is inbuilt in him or her by god or by there talent we also have some specialty which makes us different from other.  we are the best because we understand how parents are confused very much for their children for there future planning of career, whether your child will we succeed in any field or not. like successful in physical activities like sports, aerobics, yoga. and if a student is interested in studies then which best schools in gurgaon provide them the right path to study. we are best because we omitted your every problem related your kid schools life.

almost you can find the best schools by choosing exact amenities for that  location you want, as we provide every essential filtering for you in our website

How You Can Clarify That How To Find Best Schools in Gurgaon

first of  all we know that if any choosing option of school is done accordingly by salary or income of parents as incomes are divided into three categories in India are lower class (less than 250000 per year come) , middle class(between 250000 to 1000000 per year), higher class or luxury class (above than 10 lakhs per year) this statement is said by government rules of India . then it is also known that if parents are choosing best schools in gurgaon according to their income level than which do you prefer most in these categories.

Middle-Class Preferences

Middle-Class parents select that school who provides at least comfort for their kid. You will be happy if you know that major of the talent in India is shown by middle-class people because In India there is a large population of middle-class people. Here only students have an opportunity to gain lots of knowledge and learning experiences because of a large pool of similar interest people founded in this class. If you have to find and such talent of the student like in sports, studies, business, dancing, music..etc. then major of them selected form this group of middle-class people.

>Moreover, the students of middle class founded that their choice is in CBSE and CICSE boarding schools. Know talking to the preferences/amenities for which parents hunt in different school for their kid comfortability are like they should minimum of facilities of art and craft room, transport, music room, kids playground, sports facility, dance room, medical facility, library, computer lab, yoga room, canteen, swimming pool. And some of them are negotiable also. best schools in Gurgaon for Middle-class preferences.

Higher Class Preferences

There are less schools for high-class people in India but nowadays these schools are also increasing and some of the medium range schools are spending more money to make school at luxury level and provide every new technology of market to there students so that student s will always be updated with current environment of economy and social well aware. they prefer every type of amenities in their schools like – including all the middle-class facility(above mentioned.) are like basic for them and in addition there will be presence of  smart classes, auditorium, laboratory with hygiene and properly maintained, air-conditioned, theatre, fire control, meal facility, day care, gymnasium, robotics, resource room, power backup…etc. with these type of facility the fees of schools is high and these are the schools where teacher are very well qualified and well furnished and every latest trending technology is provided them to use through which their students are more motivated and learn many advance things at early ages which also help them to grow fast in there career.  best schools in gurgaon for higher class preferences.

Lower Class Preferences

There are many schools present in villages and these schools have very less fees as compared to other good schools. Yes you are thinking almost right that they do not have that much of high-class facilities because there  are crore of families in India who are in primary sector of India and in India 60% to70% people in agriculture field (were govt. is aware) so from that field their families do not earn more than basic human needs. after all these their family size is also big so handling the cost per kid is difficult for those families so here  the lower class preferences have at least their kid get admission in schools where good teachers only availability can fill their parents dream if there would be a good teacher then only many of lower class people thought for good career life of their child.


All-Time Best With Services and Asset

1- Blue Bells Model School
Address: Sector- 4, Urban Estate, Huda Market, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Phone: 0124 469 8888
Motto: Be Honest, Be Brave
Number of students: 2,500
Founded: 1980
this school reviews on google and facebook with 4.6/5 and justdail with 4.1/5.

2- Amity International School, Gurgaon
Address: 2631, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122022
Principal: Dr. (Mrs.)Anshu Arora
Phone: 0124 238 5110
Founder: Dr. Ashok K Chauhan
Founded: 2003
this school name goodwill only anyone can identify and it is a review on google by 34 plus people.

3- Pathways Schools

Address: Gurgaon-Faridabad Rd, Baliawas, Gurugram, Haryana 122003
Founded: 2003
Phone: 0124 487 2000
Motto: Learn, Work, Play, Think, Live
high expensive but good at many things and focus more on education
and has also good reviews regarding education and learning, it is revied by above than 106 people.

4- Shalom Hills
Address: C/2144, St Thomas Marg, Block C, Sushant Lok Phase I, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Phone: 0124 404 6471
Motto: Learn, Work, Play
Founded: 2004
Affiliation: CBSE School

the most reputed schools were good profile website has also given nice reviews
mouthshut has given rank 4.4/5, parentree has given 4.5/5 and momspresso has given 4.7/5

5- Gyan Devi Public School Sr. Secondary
Address: Sector 17A, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Principal: Ms. Sunita Budhwar
Classes offered: Nursery to 12
Phone: 0124 234 2120
District: CBSE School

this school in almost under budget parents and has good memories of children there.

all above schools list shown is selected by many time of the survey of best schools in Gurgaon.

Good Environment According To Your Perception

Here we are talking about the type of students group in school and how different type of groups have to impact on their life? It is truly said that we need a friend in our life where we can share any things as the first time when any child go to school then he/she first find the friend to talk and afterward that friendship increases and converted in a group. Now the stage comes here that what type of group we had made is that studies group, sports group, chit-chat group only, bad group social friendly group and were the same thinking matches the groups formed like that.

Now this create a major impact on student life for example let say there is board exam near to your datesheet and yuor group has a studias members then they force you to study all the time because of exam presure and normaly by their studing nature and if there group of sports  members in your group then they do no boder about much for prepaing in exam because they more focus on just passing the subjects (not for all sports person, many of sport person achieve great marks in exam also after playing full time in their life) and now assume if you have bad group then they always force you on to do worng things lke fighting with anyone and show yuor power like this is also very common in today schools.

So many of parent have a common fear of schools environment and this is fear right at there place and this forces to parent to chose best schools in gurgaon if they are living in gurgon.

How to Know Which School is Affiliated or Not.

well, there are many ways to know about school affiliation but the problem in India is that many of schools show fake affiliation code as well as center code. But after strict rules applied for schools and every details to be easily shared on internet it is hard to hide the original identity and affiliation of schools as we have always so you the schools who are registered by government and these schools have their unique identity by codes and some of the school is listed below which shows you what type of code that are :

affiliation code – 530096
center code – HA04100


affiliation code – 530230
center code – HA04252
st. P B N Pulic school


affiliation code – 530056
center code – HA04171
Gyan Devi Public School


affiliation code – 530056
Center code- HA04032
Blue Bells Model School

these are just example so get your kid admission in best schools in gurgaon who has real Name with real codes.
the schools which are not affiliated they always pay to another school for board test to be conducted for those students who are studying unfortunately in unaffiliated a schools so before getting admission in getting checked with everything.

when your kid passed out from these schools.

They gain lots of bad as well as good experiences from there schools and each student will be able to decide their future goal so let us discuss different experiences with various things.

Experience with good teachers

best schools in gurgaon, They are the one to whom we taught every lesson of life and they are the second parents after our parents for guidance. We have lots of experiences like when teacher punished us for not doing homework on time. We also got punished when we do not have submitted our notebook when do not have books. We remember those days when teacher use to say I want in drop silence in class and that never could be happened in class. Apart from that teachers also gain experience with the student while teaching them and facing different student in different classes. A good teacher always tells the right things to go and achieve our goals and the lesson which we study in classes by books from teachers. They are the one who chose a class monitor for our classes and the decision of class monitor is if the final decision for our class teachers.

Teachers have always the responsibility of the student to handle them and teach them well so that their results should be good every year. As this is the task given by principal to every teacher of schools.there are different nature of teachers and each teacher gives new experience like some of the teachers are very strict, some are very lenient with students, some teacher teach very well but they do strict checking in papers, some of that teacher who cannot handle their classes but they give good marks on paper and many more experiences is hidden in mind with our mistakes to achievements.

Experience with Schools Friend

The most important part of life is school friends to whom we gonna stay with lifetime.School friend are those to whom we grow till left the school in 12th class. The experiences maybe different for every student who spent his life in schools but some of the common experiences which anyone one can related to their passed time like the punishments of teachers, doing homework in class always, always so late submission of holiday homework, bunking strategy in classes and bunking the classes, taking initiative in co-curricular activities with friends, doing the best job of monitoring of class and eating lunch in periods while teacher is teaching but these all are funny experiences there are some different experience related to studies also and some of helping his/her friends in schools help in form of any thing like sharing problems sharing lunches schools in gurgaon.

Experience with Games Periods

Everyone’s favorite class ever for every student in class because this gives freedom from studies as well as with every work. In schools, games period are most important because sport and games increase mental and physical ability of the student. Many Schools have their good records in some of the sport like cricket, football, basketball…etc. these records are maintained or recorded by a team which sports teacher mad for the different tournament with different schools at state level matches district level matches and at the national level also. In sports, there is huge career option were interested student make their career in sports and play for India at a national level. The practice of district-level games and state level games were done in schools only but national level games were practiced in central government allotted area which is only meant for practicing and staying of players who are playing for India.Best schools in gurgaon provide all accessories which are needed for playing and for practicing for matches.