Classroom Technologies are exponentially growing & so the classroom environment & learning techniques are changing at a very fast pace. In modern education era, every student & parents want schools & classrooms should be enabled with modern educational technologies & should provide best in the class learning environment.

Modern Classroom Technology makes lots of good changes in a classroom if used in a good manner. Technology will make the classroom more interesting, easy learning & will help students to develop more interest in learning.

Today there are lots of classroom technologies are available in the market which a school can choose as per their need & students interest.

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Here are Top 10 Classroom Technologies which every School should adopt for better Teaching & Learning practices.

Classroom Websites & Social Networking:

The modern classroom which has personalized website & social networking helps teachers, students and parents to interact with each other & make communication easy. Classroom website offers a single place to communicate with each other & can be used for new announcements, exam dates, events, assignments, syllabus and for other different tasks. On these web application students, parents, teachers can share their views, ideas, suggestions and also can use these platform for discussion. This applications also can be used for quiz, poll and for other activities. Round the clock access to the website makes it the best medium to communicate.

Interactive Whiteboards:

Interactive whiteboards are used in many schools today & have replaced traditional Blackboards, Whiteboard & other media systems. Interactive Whiteboard is connected to computers & have a touch screen which makes them a smart device for presentation & teaching. Some models of these boards can translate handwriting into text. These smart boards make teaching more interactive & interesting. Students give more focus on learning through these boards.

3D Printing:


Classroom Technologies, 3D Printing

3D Printing is the latest technology used to teach students. This printing technique develops the 3D model of anything. Learning becomes more interesting by 3D models. By 3D models, students have a deeper level of understating when they view any object in 3D that makes them understand every part of the model which is not possible when learning through textbooks. This printing technique also helps students to develop their own design & can do experiments without any limitations.

Student Response System (SRS):

Teachers can get instant feedback from the student through this response system. Today there are lots of response systems are available. One of them is Google Forms which makes teacher’s job easy by helping them to get a response after every class 7 helps them to make better strategies for the next class if needed. Response systems also help teachers to understand the student’s level of understanding. With the help of these systems, teachers can organize quizzes or polls which help them in decision making & understanding the response of students on some particular topic or event.


Classroom Technologies, Tablets

Tablets are the most popular gadget used in a classroom due to their portability, internet connectivity, camera, loaded with a digital book, touch screen, less price & other endless feature. With its wide range of features students & teachers love this device. Tablets have changed the complete scenario of a classroom & learning process. With the help of students can perform their endless task with ease & can save Time, Paper & Energy. Following tasks can be performed easily by a tablet like Research, Listing & Reading Books, Projects & Presentations, Note taking, Classroom Management, Watch educational Videos, Learn from educational Apps, Quiz & online participation in different competitions & many more other tasks can be easily performed by good use of Tablets.

Document Cameras:

The Document Cameras have replaced old projectors to display the learning content to the class full of students. With the help of advanced document camera teacher can display real-time videos, text, books, math problems, science experiment, images & diagrams, students work & much more. The possibilities of uses are endless. The advanced models provide the feature to capture movies with audio in addition to images. This latest technology makes teaching more convenient with endless possibilities.

Augmented Reality (AR):

Augmented means made greater or larger. Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology which makes our physical world greater with the addition of digital information like Audio, Video and Graphics onto it. In the classroom when a teacher displaying something to students, this can be advanced by using AR. This makes learning more fun & improves interaction & engagement of students in the classroom. AR has endless possibilities which help students to think differently & also helps students to perform better.

Virtual Field Trips:

Virtual Field Trips is a digital way to visit a place you can’t visit in reality. This technology is a guided exploration through world wide web which integrates a collection of images. Due to the time limitation for students to go out & explore new places this technology made it possible to visit every place virtually. This is the best tool for teachers to teach, it can be customized also according to the subject. This technology helps students to explore different places & learn smartly. It not only saves time & efforts but also students can get depth knowledge about that place.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial Intelligence is also called Machine Intelligence & it means the utilization of computer intelligence over human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has changed the traditional classroom in a smart way of learning & teaching. The traditional classroom has many limitations like single teaching techniques, the difference between student’s pace of learning & much more. AI has sorted all classroom issues in a smart way. Students can learn at their pace, can understand with different techniques which sits them better, can learn at their preferred time & benefits of AI are endless. There are lots of Education Apps are available for better learning which are using AI & students love to learn from these apps.


Classroom Technologies, Biometrics


Biometrics Technology is not only helpful in security but it is also solving many problems of the education sector. Fingerprints & facial recognition are used in schools for attendance which saves lots of time & manual labour. Eye tracking devices are also used to check the student’s engagement in the classroom. Biometric technology is also used for the safety of students in schools.

Easy access to information is the key to successful learning practice. These latest technologies have opened the door for all students to access the information which they want to get & learn what they want to learn. These new technologies are filling the gap between Online & Offline education. Modern Classrooms enabled with the latest technologies & gadgets have changed the learning & teaching systems completely. Modern Classroom is loved by all students & they are enjoying their schooling & are learning with fun. 

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