In today’s fast-changing World it is very tough for every Parent to raise Kids properly so they can achieve & live a healthy & prosperous life. To raise Kids properly every parent has to make Kids Foundation very strong. It very tough & required many skills & techniques for parents to raise their kids properly & keep away her/him from unnecessary digital gadgets, to learn them time management, money management & to develop other qualities which lead kids to become them a Good & Successful Human Being.

Here I’ve cover three main topics which are very crucial & need to discuss at an early age so Kids can understand better & can make good decisions in their life.

These Topics are:  Failure & Disappointment, Sex & related topics and Money Management.

Besides these topics, there are some more Topics on which Parent’s have to discuss with their Children.

Let’s have a look at these 3 most vital topics:

1. Failure, Disappointment & Depression:

In this World no one is perfect & everyone faces some failure & disappointment in their life at different stages. Same is for children they also face failures & get disappointed. The main difference is that adults can handle failure but some time Kids cannot handle failure & get disappointed. It may cause depression in children. There are lots of reasons for depression in Kids. It’s parent’s duty to watch their Kids & analyze if they are in any problem if yes then give kids a proper solution, help & guidance so Kids can learn to manage & handle these situations effectively without harming themselves.

Reasons for Disappointment & Depression and Children issues: 

There are lots of reasons like Kids not performing well in Exams, not able to perform better in sports, may be a victim of bullying, may be a victim of cyberbullying or may have some appearance issue.

Solution for Disappointment & Depression in Kids:

To solve & help kids first parents have to have a watch on their Kids if parents found some changes in Kids behaviour,  manners, lack in the study, health or anything irregular then they should talk to their kids as a friend & should support their kids morally & emotionally. Parents should not behave like a saviour,  always they should teach their kids how to manage all these problems & if all these things are discussed with kids at an early age then these learning will definitely help Kids in handling all these types of situation beautifully.  Know more Children Issues & Solutions in detail.

Parent discussion with child

2. Sex & Other related Topics:

It may seem an irrelevant topic to discuss with Kids but it is very important to tell & teach Kids about Sex & other related topics. Not at a very early age but parents should start to discuss early so Kids can understand things about sex & related topics. Parents can start talking with kids when watching the pregnant woman on TV or some other program-related with child education. Parents also can start talking while explaining private parts & good touch & bad touch. All these good teaching will help kids in better understanding about sex. If a child better understands all these things then a child can understand good touch & bad touch, can analyze bad situations & can save them. It also helps kids to not follow bad habits & can save them creating the wrong perception about sex.

There are a lot more techniques to teach kids about sex education & it is also called Birds & Bees Talk.

Money management Learning for Children

3. Financial Planning/Money Management:

To teach Money Management or Financial Planning to kids, it’s not an easy task for parents. Parents have to start it early to teach children about money so in future, they can handle & can do better financial planning. In starting parents should take kids while going for market & should use Cash so that they can understand how money is used for purchasing goods.

Parents should give some tasks of shopping to kids in limited budget with shopping options like if they purchase one thing for a higher amount then they can go for other options also to save money. These types of tasks will help kids in understanding how money is used & how they can save money.

Parents should teach children how money is managed & should tell them different terms & there meanings like: Spending, Saving, Investment, Donation. All these terms help kids to understand better money management. There are lots of other methods which parents can try to Teach Kids about Money Management. 

Hope this will help every parent to connect and communicate with their children more easily and will make their bonding more strong and will help children in understanding and managing these problems easily.


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