Teenage is considered as one of the best phases in one`s life. Kids between the ages of 13 to 19 Years enter adolescence and encounter a lot of ‘firsts’. Although teenage is considered as a cheerful, happy and carefree time, it also marks the advent of formidable years and challenges too. Teenage is a time that is filled with confusion and anxiousness and it is the duty of the parents, to extend their helping hand and be there for their kids as a friend and confidant.

Issues faced as a teenager:

There are various issues which a teenager faces, irrespective of gender. Some of the problems are extremely alarming, and needs to be addressed immediately by a caring adult or a professional.

The most common Teenager Problems are:


Appearance Issue of Teenager
Teenager’s worry about appearance.

A girl and even a boy at this age, gets really anxious about how their body and structure is turning out to be. Presently, due to excessive use of social media and public forums, teenagers constantly compare themselves to the perfect-figure bodies that they come across on the internet. This lowers their self esteem, as they start doubting their looks and try to become someone they are not. This is a very serious issue, as students tend to change their lifestyles and starve themselves to death, so that they can attain the so called perfect look. Media and peer pressure also adds on to their baggage.



Bullying is an issue which is extremely prevalent in the teenage phase at schools. A student may get depressed if they are constantly picked upon and consequently they might react strangely by keeping to themselves. Such a hostile environment, impacts a teenager negatively, and shatters their self respect and personality.

Cyber bullying:

Today’s main Teenager issue is Cyber-Bullying.

Online bullying or Cyber bullying is a widespread and fast growing phenomenon while offline bullying continues to be a problem as well. Cyber bullying is far worse than direct in person bullying because, the anonymous person posting rumors on social media is completely oblivious of the fact that how badly they are affecting the victim by shattering their self esteem and reputation on a public forum.


Education is also one of the cause of depression in Teenagers.

Academic is a constant criteria in which a student needs to excel, in any phase of life. But sometimes, especially in this phase, amidst all the distractions it becomes extremely difficult for students to keep up with their scores and handle the pressure. Many good students also succumb to the excessive stress and lose their confidence.


“Depression” The main cause of wrong steps taken by Teenagers.

Teenagers especially girls can get affected by any random unimportant things due to which they feel restless and lose the will power to stay strong and happy. Various factors may lead to depression like low grades, break ups, high parental expectations, weight gain, substance use, peer pressure, etc.

It is alarming to see that such minor problems also trigger suicides amongst teenagers and the numbers have only been increasing over the years. Students succumb to such intense situations and decide to throw away their lives, without even thinking about their family and future. This is very serious issue which needs to be pondered over by parents as well as schools.

Solutions for Teenager Problems:

A child should be constantly reminded that they are beautiful just the way they are, and they do not need to be perfect or match presumed standards.

The teachers should make sure that they are not forcing extra pressure on the kids, to excel in all fields. They should understand their limits and weaknesses and glorify their strengths to rekindle their self confidence.

Students should not be allowed to use social media from such an early age, and even if they do, they should not be taking these platforms seriously. Validation from a public forum is absolutely unnecessary as it plays with a student`s mind and perception.

Parents should give special attention to their children at this age and monitor their activities and take interest in their personal life. Instead of immediately denying an idea or permission, they should consider their child`s needs and make sure they are mentally stable and not disturbed by uncanny situations.


These Teenage Issues are very common and can be easily handled if they are identified at the right time by the right people. Life has so much to offer and children should understand that some small glitches cannot be the end of the world. They should learn to fight and stand up for themselves and hold their ground in such challenging and upsetting scenarios.

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