“The Birds & The Bees Talk” in general it is that talk in which Parents explain & talk about Sexual relationship to their kids. People say, “Charity begins at home”. But basically, every good thing or beginning step of any education begins at home. This is because what we learn from home generally stays with us for long and it gets embedded within our souls. We try to follow it unknowingly. Sex education is not an exception in this case.

Parents Dos and Don’ts on Sex Education:

Indian parents are usually very judgmental of what should be discussed at home and what should be kept under covers. But can we really segregate that these are the things we should discuss at home and these are the things that we should refrain from? Well, right and wrong are basically relative terms.  But of course the parents are somebody to decide what their children should know at what point of time.

Indian Social Norms on Sex Education:

In today’s world, with the increasing use of internet, it has become extremely difficult and sometimes impossible for the parents to monitor what their child is growing with each and every day. India is definitely one of those lands which run on the basis of Pre-conceived notions when it comes to the society. What the society will think of ourselves is more important to us than what we want ourselves to be and this malicious choice of priorities has casted its evil shadow not only on The Birds and The Bees Talk, but also on the ambitions of the youngsters.

Sex & Education: A Natural Process :

Diffusion, osmosis and photosynthesis are perhaps the most fundamental concepts that we have gained from our Biology books. But why should we learn about these natural processes if we are not allowed to learn about sex which is also the most fundamental natural phenomenon.Without sex, life would have been impossible on earth.Yet in today’s 21st century, Indian parents fail to understand the significance of sex education.Learning something from textbook and reference articles is very different from learning through discussions. Discussions are always more helpful than any kind of reading-writing procedure and if we have the same discussion with our family members then I can challenge that things will be more easy to understand and we will surely have a different kind of comfort level with each of our family members.

Parent’s Thoughts on Sex Education:

Whenever the word sex is uttered most of the people develop a sense of dirty feeling within their minds. What they fail to realize is that it’s the very cause of their own existence. A magazine displaying condom advertisement on its back cover is hidden away by the elders of the so-called cultured families.They tend to restrict each and every child of the family to keep away from such advertisements.Instead of doing such kind of meaningless activities if a person sits and talks with his or her daughter or son about the protective measures of a healthy sexual life then perhaps the society can become a better place to live in.

Request to Parents on The Birds & The Bees Talk:

It’s an earnest request to each of the parents round the world on my behalf—please allow your child to know the truth of his or her existence. With the accelerating curve of child sexual abuse, it is very important for each of the young hearts of the world to become cautious and aware of the surroundings. And if something unfortunate happens, your children must have a comfort level to share his or her dreadful experience with you. This can only be achieved through normal conversations on The Birds and The Bees—through words, through gestures or through games.

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