The first question when Indian parents decide for the schooling of their child comes in their minds is, which board would be good for their child’s future, which would help him get recognition for further education in universities and which board would help in polishing their child’s skills and then most of them come up with two options which are CBSE and ICSE. CBSE, Central Board of Secondary Education, it is recognized by Indian Government whereas ICSE, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education has not got recognition from the Indian Government but still, that does not matter, the certification of both is valid globally.

Specification of CBSE & ICSE:-

Let’s discuss a few specifications of both the board’s so that it will become easier to study the key differences in both and count on their merits and go through their demerits:-

CBSE Board:-

(1) Its curriculum is based on NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training)

(2) The examinations conducted by this board are AISSE(All India Secondary School Examination) and        AISSCE(All India Senior Secondary Examination).

(3) Most of the schools in India are affiliated to CBSE.

(4) Its syllabus is formed in a structured manner and it is easy for the teachers to cope up with the syllabus as it is divided into units and it is also specified that how many classes they have to devote for a particular unit.

(5) It has a more scientific approach, and maths and science are compulsory subjects in it.

(6) The medium of examination can be both Hindi as well as English, it approves both.

(7) Most of the entrance exams for further admission in professional courses in India are based on CBSE pattern.

ICSE Board:-

(1) ICSE is not actually a board but it is an examination conducted by CISCE(Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination).

(2) It is not so much recalled in all over India but there are some states which give it the highest preference, for example, in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Banglore, ICSE is more prevalent.

(3) In ICSE, the main focus is given on the English of the student and the standard of English is been set higher.

(4)  ICSE focuses on the detailed study of each subject with an edge over English.

(5) The student who wants to go abroad for higher studies in future, ICSE would suit him the best as in many international entrance examinations like GRE, GMAT standard of English is high which an ICSE student can meet.

(6) In this pattern, projects are important and contain marks. After completion of 10th, the board results are based on both 9th and 10th grades’ performance.

Which One Is Easier?

After going through the differences in both, the main question arises in mind is which one would be easier but it should not be like that because no one can determine the level of ease in both as at some points one is lengthy and tougher and on some points the other one but both equally set a standard of education, it’s on parents that in which direction they want to move their child, their decision should be based on the future preferences they must be wondering for their child.

Note for Parents:-

One thing which parents must keep in mind is if they are changing the school of their child for further studies like for senior secondary education they should not send him to the school offering any other board suddenly because there are many chances that it will give a negative.

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