Educational Games, they are the games having the main agenda Learning With Fun. They are developed to learn something in an educational environment, and here learning refers to the study of any subject, understanding of any historical event or some scientific concept or problem-solving and much more by some innovative games. It is an interactive way of teaching where the teacher interacts more with the student.

History and Present Day Educational Games:-

Educational games are of many types including cards, boards and video games. Not only in present time but in earlier time also they were in trend for example, in earlier times, chess was played by the kings and warriors to study the war strategies and after that, the trend continued and then majorly followed in the 1900s and now in 2000s also this trend is everlasting. Let’s discuss a few games to understand scenario of history and present-day educational games to make us understand more about this trend-

(1) Monopoly:-

Monopoly is a board game first introduced in 1935 and now on its 70th anniversary, the latest version of it was introduced, Here And Now Electronic Banking Edition, this game is based on luck and strategies, the aim of the player is that to capture as many personal properties as he can and the game ends when one or more players go bankrupt.

(2) Trump Cards:-

Trump cards are a very funny method of learning history or any other subject, previously played by people to show their royalty or just for passing the time but now a day’s used as educational games also for making learning fun for kids.

(3) Oregon Trail:-

It was a game introduced in the Year 1974 and became very popular and was mainly found in computer labs in the 1970s and the 1980s. The game was that students lead an oxen-pulled wagon from Missouri to Oregon in pioneer days of the 1800s. It conveyed an American history lesson with an amazing gaming experience.

(4) Snakes and Ladders:-

Snakes and ladders were produced in England in the 1800s and are still in trend among small kids helping in learning counting and addition and a game similar to this CHUTES AND LADDERS was introduced in 1900s which teaches morals based on, children rewarded for good deeds and were punished for bad deeds.

(5) Dr. Brain:-


Dr. Brain is a series of educational games, having puzzles to level up in the game. It was introduced in 1990s; it improved children’s thinking abilities by being a brain devoting application. So, these were some games introduced in past and in present, there are many games which were introduced in past but are still being recommended for the kids education, hence now as you can see there has been a relation of us with the educational gaming industry since past and it’ll surely continue till the future also as gaming is a great effort of making a human learn something fast with enjoyment as it was well said by Friedrich Schiller in one of his play that ‘Humans Are Fully Humans When They Play’ and gave the origin to a classical study of human learning with gaming.

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