The new generation kids are blessed with technology from such an early age and these modern equipments can work wonders if they learn to use them judiciously. A 2-year old can easily handle any gadget and exactly knows how it functions. Action figures, puzzles and blocks are no longer the standard toys among today’s children rather they prefer playing video games and mobile games on tablets and I-pads.

Gadgets & Kids & Effects

Positive effects of Gadgets upon Kids: 

From a very early age kids develop an aptitude for technology, which is an important skill now as modern equipments and multimedia are used in school learning.

Tablets and smart phones offer a very good user interface which makes learning much more fun for kids.

Using various applications like Skyping or Face timing with friends or relatives, which enhance their communicative and interpersonal skills and also help in cordial relationship building.

Negative effects of Gadgets:

Brain Damage:

Modern gadgets are not of utmost importance for child development. Rather, fancy gadgets hamper their brain activities and reduce one-on-one time with their parents. Overexposure to gadgets may cause attention deficit, cognitive delays and impaired learning.

Language Delay for infants:

Reports suggest that toddlers under the age of two do not have the cognitive ability to comprehend complex programs of a smart phone, which interferes with the “talk time” between the parent and the child, which ultimately results in delayed language skills.

Delayed Development:

Kids under the age of 12 do not play outdoor games, rather they spend time playing video games and surfing the internet.  This restriction in movement results in delayed development which makes them physically unfit and socially awkward.

Sleep Deprivation:

Using laptops and mobile phones late at night, deprives children a good night sleep. This results in an unhealthy lifestyle and divided attention, which hampers their performance at school.

Child Aggression:

Some online games available on the internet portray violence, murder, torture and mutilation, which can make kids violent and aggressive.

Guidelines for Kids using Gadgets:

The user interface should be made interactive which helps the brain development and language development, which happens only when a child talks about what is happening on screen. It should be more of an exchange of words rather than only one directional.

The build-in parental controls in the device should be used by parents to restrict their child`s use of internet for a limited time period. Parents should also have access to their search history and their different activities online.

Reading E-books should be encouraged, though not for long, as more amount of screen time may affect the eyes of the children.

Too much screen time should not be allowed as it means less time for other activities like playing outdoor games or studying. Moderation and balance is the key to ensure a healthy relationship between a child and the gadgets.

A child must be monitored and should only be allowed to spend a few hours on gadgets. Parents must talk to their kids and spend time with them and get them involved and interested in hobby classes so that their attention is diverted and their time is spent fruitfully.


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