The most important aspect of parenting is good communication. Irrespective of age and gender, there should be a cordial relationship between a parent and a child, to develop mutual respect and understanding. A child is most dependent on a parent, but sometimes, due to lack of interaction and involvement they fail to share their problems, and waste their time over thinking and hurting themselves. Thus, it is the job of the parents to always be present for their kids and monitor their activities without interrupting and being over obsessed.

Basic Principles for Good Communication between Parent & Children


Children constantly seek attention, love and appreciation, thus parents must inflict positive feedback rather than dwelling on the negativity. A child wants a warm and loving connection with each of their parents and this is only possible if the parents make extra efforts to communicate with their children and make them feel safe and loved.


A parent should always be involved in their child`s activities and make them feel important and worthy. A child develops self-esteem, once they understand that their parents are proud of them. Thus, irrespective of the fact whether a child is verbose or reserved, a parent must spend some quiet time with them and encourage them to open up when they need to. Being a good and attentive listener, makes a child feel that they are being heard and thus boosting their confidence.

Avoiding lectures

Interventions are necessary when a parent notices their child is following the wrong path. But lecturing and nagging won’t help the child understand a parent better; rather it will drive them away. Mutual understanding is important in such cases, and both should consider each other`s perspectives.

Inflicting Positivity:

Children get boosted by positivity, thus it is the job of the parents to maintain positive vibrations around the house, and inflict enthusiasm. Narrating good funny stories, going out on meals, discussing about school life, all these aspects are extremely important for building a healthy communication. This gives a chance to have an interaction on a daily basis, and make each other aware and curious about each other’s life.

As working parents, having a tight schedule makes it difficult to spend all the time with the child, but as parents one must consider taking some time off and build ways to communicate and improve the overall relationship. While the interaction habits will evolve with time, practising these communication skills will support the foundation of a healthy relationship into the future.

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