School is a very important part of a child`s life, where kids get to learn and grow as distinguished individuals. But there is a huge difference between learning and studying; the latter is not as interesting as the former and there are times when kids start to fear studying, which is not a good sign. Thus, several new techniques can be introduced in schools and the education process, to make institutions a happy place for the students.

Music Helps in Better Leraning

Music helps to Learn Better:

Music actually helps to learn better. If someone is struggling to remember dates, facts or figures, then they can set those facts in musical notes, which will make it much easier for remember. The phenomenon is just like remembering lyrics to songs, because the melody and rhymes help cement the words in one`s mind

Learning with Posters

Posters & Images for Better Learning:

Creating posters and summarising concepts on posters allows children to be more creative with their designs thus injecting some fun in the process of studying. It becomes easier for students to learn difficult concepts and also get the facts clear in their head.

Learning with Videos

Videos & Interactive Learning Materials:

The new generation kids have the wealth of study materials available on the internet. With a plethora of online courses and other web resources, and fun animated videos, students can tackle difficult concepts and subjects quiet easily. Multimedia information which includes, videos and quizzes in addition to straightforward text, helps students absorb information more easily than text books. It also makes the process more enjoyable by breaking up the monotony of studying from black and white pages.

Flash Cards Learning

Using Flashcards and Illustrative Diagrams:

Flashcards are also really useful for revision resource and it comes in handy around exam time. Addition of colourful drawings, using more flowcharts and writing with different coloured pens helps students to memorize and remember concepts more vividly. If a student uses diagrammatic representations to learn a new concept, it helps them understand the subject better and expand their knowledge.


If such techniques are applied then, even the subjects which seem dull can be made interesting and enjoyable. A positive attitude along with a little more concentration can do wonders and that will surely be reflected in the results.

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