Actions speak louder than words. Manners and Etiquettes are not inherited by a child; instead, they learn and inculcate values while growing up. Parents have the power to nurture, guide, show and instill kindness, responsibility, and gentleness. When children are polite, kind and honest they make their parents look good and set an example of their upbringing.

Manners & Etiquette for Kids
Manners & Etiquette for Kids

 Importance of Manners and Etiquettes  in Kids

Social skills are very important in a child’s life, from the playground to the classroom to the workplace. Interaction with people, building relationships and friendships are some of the basic needs of an individual and thus development of interpersonal skills is a must.

To show respect towards elders and treat everyone politely, these two basic traits shows the character of a child, parents and teachers can guide the kids in the right way. Every parent wants to raise their child into a respectful honest human being and thus, good manners are important skills that children should develop when they are young.

Several aspects like good manners at the table, on the telephone, financial etiquette, good Sportsmanship, show respect towards elders, these are some basic nuances that a kid must follow and grow up to learn.

Some pointers that ensure good mannerisms:

  • Respectfully knocking and waiting for permission to enter in a classroom or office.

  • To ask for permission to borrow something and positively return it in the same or better condition

  • Privacy is very important aspect, thus a kid must be taught never to look through someone`s private possessions without prior permission.

  • Whatever happens in the family stays in the family. A kid should never discuss family arguments and problems with outsiders. This is invasion of privacy and some people may take advantage of the facts.

  • To maintain cleanliness and hygiene is extremely important. Every child must be taught basic rules to leave the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and TV room clean and tidy and to not leave dirty dishes around the house or litter food.

  • Practicing the art of good manners and etiquette starts at home; parental guidance should be followed through to school and the sports field.

  • Kids Telephone etiquettes are also of huge importance and must be taken care of from an early age itself.

  • Good Table manners and etiquette for kids should be a part of life. Wasting food, littering food here and there, not using spoons, these are considered as poor table manners, and should not be encouraged.

  • Children are never too young to learn the art of welcoming family and guests. A warm and friendly greeting is essential and it shows that a child has been raised with good values.


Learning to apologize and thank people, are two very important lessons a child must be taught. These values come in handy for the rest of their lives and mould them into better human beings. For students to be successful in life, they need to have social skills as well as academic skills. And with a polite and caring behavior, they will continue to use good manners and become more socially aware as they get older.

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