Recently in different parts of country like Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru and in other cities also, Parents are protesting against Fee hike by Schools

Annoyed by rapidly hike in school fees.  A few parents of Whitefield, Bengaluru decided to launch a School on their own, which will be managed by Parents only. The School will be run on ‘no profit, no loss’ model.

One of the Whitefield, Bengaluru resident, Software Engineer by profession with the help of other parents are planning to open their own school. At present they are about 20 members in committee. Anybody who want to join them can fill a form on Google website. They are now looking for land to set up School. They said that they will prefer if government provide land for their school and they are also working on If Corporates or NGO’s can help them or a land owner which can give land on lease at minimum cost. Parents and their committee is planning to register the school as a trust and run it.

In India school education system is very costly and every year Schools are raising their fees. Every year parents do complaints against schools and do protest. A report in 2015 by The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India, ASSOCHAM, stated that the costs of private school education in the last decade have increased at a pace faster than incomes, showing a 150% hike between 2005 and 2015. The report further stated that the cost of educating a child in a private school has risen from Rs 55,000 in 2005 to Rs 1,25,000 per annum in 2015. An estimated 3 crore children in the country study in private schools, says the survey.

In Bengaluru, Committee of School Trust will decide the fee of students and all the expenses and accounts will be transparent. If there is any profit then it will be used in school development and in teachers’ salaries hike. Parents are initiating new school models.

In a developing country like India education system should be focused on quality education. Because development of any country depends on the education of that country. So in a developing country education should be affordable so every child can get education and can contribute to society and the nation. Above mentioned some stats show that quality education in India is so expensive that common man can not provide best education for their kids. So Schools should provide quality education to students in affordable fees. So every child can get better education. The decision of opening a school by Bengaluru parents show that time has come when schools have to focus on education not on money making. Hope this type of initiative will make a difference in Indian Education System and will make Big Schools to rethink about their fees and policies.

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