In today’s date getting better grades should not be the sole aim of any student & student should not depend on classroom study. So students should develop the habit of Self-Studying. Every student must develop the art of Self-Studying & Study Smartly rather than studying hard. Although we know that hard work leads to success only a few will agree to the fact that hard work with smartness leads to the miracle.

Research on Self-Study:

Researchers reveal that different parts of the brain are stimulated by different types of media. Our brain contains hippocampus, which makes a mental note of pictures that we view. As a result, learning through diagrams, images and video lectures help a lot more than mugging up text books and listening to teachers and professors. Basically, in order to retain something in our brains, we need to intake the same information in different ways.

Mix and Match Study:

We never complete our meals with more quantity of only one dish. We generally have at least three to four types of dishes in conventional order. Similarly, it is more effective to study multiple subjects each day than to go into the depths of only one or two subjects. This is because it is always more probable to confuse similar information if you study too much of the same subject in one day.

Incessant Revision:

When students do Self-Study incessant revision is must. After studying a particular topic, prepare a list of the essential points and conclusions of the topic. Next time, when you study another topic of the same subject keep at least five to ten minutes for recapitulating the previous topic via those points. This periodic revision gradually moves the information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory.

Practice makes perfect:

Those days are gone when practice and Self-Studying meant doing the same thing over and over again. In today’s world, like all other things, even practice requires variety. Working out a different type of problem compels your mind to think in different ways. As a result, if you can solve a particular type of problem, you can at least approach or even solve a completely different type of it based on the same concept.

Regularity in Self-Studying:

Studying for the shorter duration on a regular basis is more effective than sitting with books for the entire day before the examinations. Attending classes regularly helps the students understand the subjects better. Frequent tests are also a good option for self-assessment. Doubt clearing classes also increase the interactions between teachers and students which ultimately lead to better understanding. Questioning mind is the master key to a crystal clear idea of any topic.

Note Making:

Students who take notes by hands develop a tendency to process and reframe the information. On contrary to this online note-takers generally, take down exactly the words which are uttered by the teacher. As a result, the notes form a dictated passage and ultimately become almost similar to the paragraphs of books and articles. Hence, scientists usually recommend the method of offline note making. You can also have an audio recording of the lecture with the permission of the concerned teacher or professor.


Before starting a Self-Study session it is very important that you set a reward for yourself. It can be anything which you love to do in your free time. From reading an article to listening to music— this award will refresh your mind and bring the urge in you to study smartly and learn faster. Regular study breaks and daily meditations are extremely important for the growth and development of your concentration.

Note for Students:

Focus on the process of studying and not on the outcome. If you study smartly and wholeheartedly, good results will surely follow. Write the answers to the questions incorporating the corrections after you get to see your answer scripts for every examination. Live a healthy life with regular exercises. Always remember that being the best is less important than doing your best.

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